GET 10% OFF!!
when you sign up for our

What is it?

We offer a comic pull service. That means that
every week, when new comics arrive, we reserve
(or put away) copies for our regular customers.

What’s the point?

A) If you can’t make it in on new book day,
you don’t have to worry about your favorite
books selling out. If it’s on your list, it’ll
be in your box.

B) You get 10% off your new books,
back issues and trade paperbacks.*

C) If you keep your comics in bags & boards,
we’ll do it for you ahead of time.
Bags & boards are 50 cents each.

D) You can use your box to set something aside
for next time, but it’s not a long-term storage locker.

E) It helps us in our ordering to know specifically
who wants what. So, you’re helping us out and you’re
being rewarded for it!!

How do you become a “Putaway”?

A) All you need is a minimum of 5 monthly,
on-going titles. After that you can add as many
mini-series as you like.

B) Give us your name, phone number(s),
address and e-mail (if you have one).

C) Most people like to come in weekly,
but if you need it you have 30 days to
pick up what's waiting for you.**

*Discount doesn’t apply to statues, toys, supplies,
comics in glass cases, or consignment items.

**Over 30 days and you will receive 2 reminder phone
calls and lose your discount until you’re caught up.
If we don’t hear from you after the phone calls
we’ll cancel your account.